Oh great…

Just what the world needs…another blog polluting the blogosphere. 


So why blog, and why now?  To quote the magnanimous Dude, “…there’s a lot of strands in old Duder’s head.”  I have used and enjoyed social media, mainly Facebook, to this point.  And I envision linking my thoughts with social media at some point. 

However, in my social media endeavors, I have noticed a void of dissenting voices calling out some pretty clear cut woes in the society and in the church (universal church, not necessarily the church I attend).  More alarmingly, my social media endeavors have led me to realize that many of my friends actually embrace mantras to which I am vehemently opposed.  Now, don’t get the impression that I’m an angry little man, stamping his feet and disagreeing with everyone.  There are many people whom I love dearly with whom I disagree on many things.  So, my main concern as I start this journey of exceeding 140 characters per thought is to tread lightly and live peacefully with those around me. 

But I am passionate about a few things: parenting, music, pop culture, and God…just to highlight a few.  Finding truth and the right direction in all these areas can be tricky.  So, here’s to treading lightly and thinking through these things together.


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